Helping Your Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions


If you like setting New Year’s resolutions, you might want to get your kids involved. Not only is it a fun activity, but they can also better themselves while doing it!

Keep the Focus on Being Better

Rather than talking about in terms of what is wrong with your kids, try to keep the phrasing and thoughts towards how they can better themselves. New Year’s resolutions are created to help them learn discipline and feel proud of themselves, not ashamed or embarrassed at a problem. Positive attitudes are a very important part of the resolutions, otherwise, it might become unhealthy.

Create a Fun Way To Keep Track Goals

Whether it’s a board on the wall or even a printed piece of paper with stickers to track progress, make a fun place for your kids to measure their success and goals. It can become a great place to come back to and update when they achieve a part of their goal or do something consistently. As an added bonus, it will be much easier for them to remember if it’s placed in a noticeable spot! 

Don’t Dictate Resolutions, Only Offer Suggestions

While your kids might not be able to come up with a complete list of resolutions on their own, dictating resolutions will not lead to better results. Allowing them to pick their own (based on your suggestions) can improve their decision making and independence, which can provide some invaluable lessons for later in life.

Keep The List Small

Any more than 2 or 3 resolutions, and you run the risk of overwhelming your kids with goals. Try to encourage them to only pick a few, but to take those few seriously. Make sure they are actionable, measurable, and realistic goals for your kid for their age.

Be The Resolution Role Model

Be a great example for your kids on New Year’s Resolutions. Talk to them about your own goals and show them that you are also trying to better yourself and hit a goal. When they see you working successfully on your resolutions, you are providing them with a great example of how they should be acting as well.