Kids can celebrate Movember too!

While they might not be old enough to grow a mustache themselves, kids can help take part in the Movember Movement festivities in a number of ways! Whether it’s through raising money or making fake mustaches, talking with them about the reasons why the Movember Movement happens is the most important part!

Make Fake Mustaches

The most fun for younger kids, creating a fake mustache can be a very exciting, fun way to focus on the Movember Movement. Cutting mustache outlines out of paper is a pretty straightforward approach, but letting them color mustaches with washable markers could be a lot more entertaining (and photo-worthy)!

Read Some Great Mustached Books

There are a number of great books involving some legendary mustaches, that could keep your kids involved in Movember. While they most likely will not talk about the Movember Movement specifically, this could be a good jumping-off point for why other people are growing mustaches.

Hold A Bake Sale

Having a bake sale is a great way to have a great time and raise money for the Movember Movement. It’s not only supporting a great cause but helps them feel like they’re helping. Even if they can’t grow mustaches, the important part is to support the Movember Movement however we can!

Talk To Them About the Movember Movement

While you don’t have to explain all the parts, talk to your kids about what the Movember Movement is and what we’re working towards. A good point to emphasize is the value of taking care of yourself, talking to people if you need help, and how the Movember Movement isn’t just about mustaches (and not just for people who can grow mustaches). 

At the end of the day, helping involve your kids is about making sure they feel like they are supporting and a part of the movement. That way when they can finally grow the classic, Movember mustache, they know why they’re doing it as well.