Make Community Service Fun!

Sometimes the words “community service” can get associated with boring school projects or punishments. But your family can turn serving people in need into a fun time that will bring you all lifelong memories. Here’s a few ways you can make volunteering into a fun time for you and your kids, while making a big difference in your community!

Get Competitive

What’s the best way to turn a day of hard work into fun? Make it a game! Everyone can enjoy a little friendly competition! Depending on how you’re serving as volunteers, your family can be competitive in different ways. On a litter cleanup? See who can pick up the biggest bag of trash from your designated area. Serving in a soup kitchen? See who can make the most people in line smile. When your family is having fun with their volunteering, it will brighten the day of the whole group! 

Team up with friends

Does your family have another family you enjoy spending time with? Join forces to double your impact, and expand your volunteering challenges! You can face off as families to see who can do the most in a volunteering session, or work together to accomplish a bigger project in a shorter amount of time. It’s a great chance to bond with others outside of the house, too! Just don’t let any friendly competition get in the way of your true friendship, and you’ll find that serving your community together is a big reward!

Set a BIG goal for the whole year

Do you want to get the whole family excited about volunteering, but can’t keep the momentum going after a “one-and-done” project? Set a big goal for the year, with a reward at the end for accomplishing it. You can set a number of hours you want to serve as a family, or how many people you helped with your work as volunteers. Not only will it give you and your kids a goal to work towards, you’ll feel even more pride when you track what you’ve accomplished as a family. 

Will your family be working toward a big goal for service in your community in 2021? Let us know, we’d love to hear about it!