Pink Shirt Day


Bullying is growing in impact, especially among youth, all over the world. Back in 2007, two young boys decided to make a difference and take a stand against bullying by standing up for another boy at their school who was being teased and ridiculed for wearing a pink shirt. In a stance against the bullies, the two high schoolers, David and Travis, passed pink tank tops out to other students at their school to level the playing field and show the bullies that their behavior would not be tolerated.

From this seemingly simple act grew what is celebrated all around the world today as Pink Shirt Day. Wearing pink on February 27, 2019, means that bullying is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. It also means to choose a path of kindness instead of anger. Choose something pink out of the closet to get behind the cause or purchase a Wear Pink Day branded item from the website here to show support.

Over $1.8 million in net proceeds have been collected through donations and sales since 2008, and those funds have supported programs that have impacted tens of thousands of children and adolescents. Learn more about where funds go after donation and read a letter of gratitude received as a result of Wear Pink Day efforts here.

Nobody likes to hear of others being bullied or experiencing bullies themselves, and bringing light to such an impactful issue is what Wear Pink Day is all about. Spread the word in the local community or school system by banning with other parents and students to wear pink on February 27th, get the administration involved, create a committee or club, and let the world know that bullying is not okay.