Raising Kids to be Pride Allies

Kids are growing up in a world that is more and more diverse every day. As parents, we teach tolerance, kindness, and empathy in the hope that they will be accepting of those who are different from them. When it comes to Pride month, your kids may have questions about people and relationships that they’re not used to seeing at home. It’s a great chance to extend your lessons of inclusivity to talk to your kids about the LGBTQ community, and what it means to be an ally to their peers, neighbors, family and friends who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer. 

What is an LGBTQ Ally?

The LGBTQ community has faced harsh discrimination and dangerous oppression in the past, and people are often still harassed and bullied because of their gender identities and relationships. Being an Ally to LGBTQ people means that you work against this discrimination to make the world a better place for them. When you act as an ally, LGBTQ people will start to know that you are safe for them to talk to, and you’ll be able to have deeper friendships with them based on that trust. 

Learn About Diversity as a Family

One of the greatest parts of the LGBTQ community is how diverse it is! To start your kids’ journey to being an ally, one of the best things you can do is embrace differences in other people. Learn together about many different cultures outside your own to understand as much as you can about others. When your family comes across someone who is different from you, or lives in a different way, research together as a family. Attend family events during Pride month to celebrate alongside the LGBTQ community. Kids will easily learn that no matter how different we seem on the outside, we all have similar hopes and aspirations!

Show Love, Unconditionally

Supporting our LGBTQ friends and family is simple – show them love, unconditionally! When you model this unconditional support to your kids throughout your family life, they will carry that into their friendships with their LGBTQ peers. Parents sometimes can’t help but make assumptions about how their kids will grow up and who they’ll want to be in relationships with. But as they grow, they almost always surprise us! Whether your kid chooses a profession that you don’t understand, or comes out to you as gay, reassure them that you love them no matter what. By being a supportive, loving parent, you show your kids how to be the best allies they can be.