Set your Student up for Schoolwork Success

As workflows all over the world have been changing in recent months to slow the spread of COVID-19, so have our students’ school environments. Many students are now learning from home, which may not be designed with their test scores in mind. Here are some ideas on how to set your kids up for success with their schooling, even while they are learning in the house.

Communicate with your kids and their instructors

Teachers and schools are all responding in a variety of ways in these unusual times, tailoring each program to the needs of students in their regions. There’s no clear cut way that is best for every family to navigate schooling from home, but communicating with both your child and their teacher will be key to staying on top of learning assignments and goals. Make a plan with your family on how you will complete schoolwork together, so they feel like they are part of the assignments going forward.

Give them a space to learn

How well would you work from home if your desk was also your bed? Kids need a spot of their own to finish schoolwork, away from distractions like tv or toys. It’s recommended that the area is well lit, and quiet. That may be hard with everyone at home, but you can plan quiet hours where everyone in the house is expected to work on something on their own. 

Stay Flexible

One benefit of schooling from home is that it allows for more flexibility in your kids’ schedules. Unlike in a traditional classroom, a student can easily take a break without distracting their peers. Allow your kids to take short breaks throughout the day, and try to let them get outside to stretch their legs. Even teenagers can benefit from recess!