Teen Girl Beauty Tips


Being a teenager is hard. Being a female teenager can seem even harder with acne, newness of makeup application, and a mix of new emotions about the opposite sex. Some tips and tricks to taking care of skin now to have better looking skin later, along with some makeup application information, can be found in the paragraphs below.

Beautiful skin is important for and to women of all ages. There is no time like the present to begin habits of healthy skincare, and there are eight tips below to help do just that.

  1. Hydrate. Drinking plenty of water is important for many reasons, but, for skin, it flushes toxins from the body, which are bad for skin.
  2. Avoid the Sun. Sun exposure causes age spots and wrinkles; not to mention it puts one at a greater risk for skin cancers. Use sunscreen anytime outdoor activity is taking place or use makeup and moisturizer with a sunblock built in.
  3. Exercise. Daily exercise is also good for many reasons, but for skin purposes exercise causes sweating, which opens pores, allowing toxins to escape the body.
  4. Moisturize. Purchase and use a good moisturizer daily to maintain skin health and a gorgeous glow, especially if skin is naturally dry.
  5. Makeup Choice. When choosing makeup, look for natural or organic products that won’t harm the skin like chemical based products do.
  6. Cleanse. Before bed each night, the face must be washed. No exceptions. If the face is not washed of oil and dirt from the day, the skin remains clogged for the hours you are asleep, and acne occurs.
  7. Eat healthy. Proper food choices affect the skin too. Just as the vitamins and minerals in food energize the body, they energize skin too.
  8. Exfoliate. Once a week, the skin needs exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells and bring the new, fresh ones to the top.

These tips will help to improve complexion and overall skin health while makeup should be used to enhance features. As mentioned above, a healthy foundation without harmful chemicals is the best choice to even out skin tone and conceal any acne or redness. For sponge application of foundation, a dabbing technique increases the amount of time makeup stays on the face versus a rubbing method.

Blush is used to accentuate cheek bones and should be applied in upward strokes, not in a circular pattern. Eye shadow is a more fun piece to the overall makeup puzzle. Shadow allows the use of color and flare. Blending shadows when using multiple colors is key to avoid a harsh look, and a highlight shadow wakens the eyes when applied at the inside corner. Liner completes the eyes and should be chosen on a preferential basis. There are pencils and liquids to choose from. Try both types out and pick the one you prefer. For smaller eyes, applying liner beginning in the middle of the eye and moving outward will make them appear larger. Mascara is then the cherry on the eye makeup sundae. Elongating the lashes finishes off any look.

The last step of the face is lipstick or gloss. Always start with a good lip balm to keep lips smooth and avoid cracking and peeling. Then, top your pout with a fun color, neutral, or gloss.

Teenage years, though difficult, are a time to be daring with a beauty routine, follow trends, and try new looks. Find the style to best suit your personality or outfit and rock it.