The Benefit of Art for Kids

Many of us remember doing art projects at school and taking them home to display on the refrigerator or in some other prominent position around the house after being praised for a job well done by parents and caretakers. What we did not realize at the time was that working on those projects benefited us in a variety of ways. Art is an important activity for children to participate in on a regular basis, and some of the ways it impacts young minds are outlined below.

The first benefit that art has for kids is the ability to foster creativity. In the world today, it is becoming increasingly important to think abstractly and problem solve. With a concrete way of thinking, there exists a struggle to perform well in some career paths. By encouraging creative thought with children through activities and outlets like art, we encourage thinking outside of the box and the development of original ideas.

In addition to abstract and creative thought, participating in art activities helps to fine tune motor skills. Small children begin writing by scribbling back and forth. The more they scribble, the better their grip on the writing utensil becomes and the more advanced their artwork looks. Other methods of art besides drawing, like using modeling clay or cutting with scissors, enhance coordination and improves fine motor skills as well. There are opportunities for growth and development in all sorts of art projects and activities.

Working on art projects also increases the ability to problem solve. In some capacities, art is a bottomless chance to choose paths presented to you, develop conclusions, rethink decisions, and analyze the end product. Art is a puzzle that can be solved in a variety of ways, and the endless possibilities enable the artist to become more comfortable with uncertainty and maintain the ability to be a flexible thinker.

Participation in art projects is also an outlet to express themselves and the things going on around them in their daily lives. Children often draw pictures of themselves and their families or places they would like to visit and things they would like to have. This multidimensional form of expression is sometimes easier for children than trying to express emotions or wants in words. They are able to get true feelings out and on the surface by using art as their channel. This helps them to understand themselves and the world around them in a different and sometimes deeper way.

Art is a hobby, it is a career path, it is a thing to be admired, and it is a form of growth. The benefits that children see through the participation in art projects are the ability to think outside of the box and use one’s imagination, the fine-tuning of motor skills and function, and a positive outlet for dealing with emotions that are hard to get out verbally. Art is something that aids in development that is applicable to the real world no matter a child’s ultimate career or life path, and offering an activity that is both fun and formative seems like a no-brainer.