The Impact Kids Have Made by Volunteering

volunteering, charity, cleaning, people and ecology concept - group of happy volunteers with garbage bags cleaning area in park

Volunteering in local communities is important and sometimes goes unnoticed. It is hard for adults and children alike to choose an organization to volunteer with and feel like the work being done is making a difference at all. Though it may not feel like the work you are doing or thinking about doing will matter to anyone, in particular, it will and it does. Sometimes the smallest people make the biggest difference. Children and youth sometimes make the biggest difference in their communities and these stories will help to inspire you and your children to go out and serve.

A six-year-old named Dane from Texas used his artistic skills and a little social media power to raise money for his local food bank. Dane filmed a video for Facebook asking for donations for his artwork and used the $790 earned to donate to his local food bank, but Dane’s story doesn’t stop there. Misty Castaneda saw his video and was so moved by the thoughtfulness of this boy that she founded For Purpose Kids, a subscription service that sends toolkits to subscribers that contain thought-provoking ways of spreading kindness in their own communities.

The toolkits from For Purpose Kids are encouraging kids everywhere. Savannah got her toolkit and invited friends over to take part in her first project with her. Together, they made valentines for women fighting overseas to thank them for their service. Later, the girls heard about Hurricane Harvey and its massive impact on Texas. They approached their local grocery stores about setting up a table out front to sell art and raise funds for the hurricane victims. They rose almost $500 for the American Red Cross by doing this.

JoJo from England learned that there are some kids around the world who don’t go to school, and she loves school so much that she sends school supplies to other parts of the world as a way to share her love for school with other kids like her.

Deepu from India has a great love for animals and spends time volunteering at his local animal shelter and sharing the love with the animals that other people have forgotten. He also saves money and donates to wildlife conservation groups because it makes him sad that some animals are being hunted for no reason and are near extinction.

There are so many stories of kids choosing to do good for the world and making an impact. Whether it’s one ripple or a huge wave, change is change. If more children make the decision to help in their own way, then the world will benefit from all of the good acts. No matter your size, you can make a big difference.
Want to inspire your kids with the For Purpose Kids Toolkit? Check out their website here.