Toddler Proof Your Home

You made it through the baby phase and are in a whole new world of potty training, talking, and a little defiance. Not only is your little one walking about and exploring their surroundings in more abundance, but they are getting into things that could cause them harm. Below are some tips on how to keep your home safe for the little feet and hands digging into every unexplored part of it.

First of all, the kitchen is like a deathtrap awaiting its tiny, sticky prey that is your toddler. Some quick ways to keep little ones from harm’s way are to install childproof latches on drawers containing sharp tools like knives and scissors. There are also locks for the dishwasher and stove. Other things to consider are harmful chemicals like cleaning supplies. They should be stored in a locked cabinet or high above a child’s reach. Medicines also should be stored out of reach or behind locked doors.

Another room with some looming concerns is the bedroom. It is important to make sure the crib is free of soft pillows, large stuffed animals, bumper pads, and soft bedding as these items pose choking hazards. Ensure curtain and blind cords are secured with a safety pin to keep them away from the crib in addition to the removal of strings and ribbons hanging from a mobile. Another important thing to consider is furniture in addition to the bed or crib. It is important for the furniture to be secured to the wall to avoid falling over, potentially onto a child.

The bathroom poses similar concerns as the kitchen with the need to hide sharp items like razors and scissors behind locked doors and chemicals and medicines above the reach of a child. Additional measures include nonskid strips being installed in the bottom of the tub and nonslip pads under rugs to keep them from sliding around.

There are many other measures to be taken to achieve a higher level of safety for your little one at home, and a more complete list can be found . It is important to keep children safe in their homes because, for many toddlers, home is where they spend the majority of their time. If home is safe, then the risk for injury depreciates, and the family remains happy and a little more carefree.