Top Five Wellness Apps for Kids

Especially after the holidays lots of kids are looking for the newest coolest apps to load on to their new IPads and tablets. For the kids who are interested in Wellness and Healthy Eating there are so many options to choose from, below are some of the highest rated wellness apps for kids.

George and the ice cream castle

George and the Ice Cream Castle

  • Kids follow the story and move through Yum Yum Land to get to the Ice Cream Castle. Along the way there are activities designed to promote healthy eating.
  • This App costs $3.99


nutrition app for kids

This is My Food-Nutrition For Kids

  • This app teaches kids about nutrition and the value of eating healthy.
  • This App costs $2.99


awsome eatsAwesome Eats

  • Kids learn about different food groups in a fun and engaging way.
  • This App is FREE


nfl play 60

NFL Play 60

  • This game was created by the American Heart Association to encourage kids to exercise.
  • Kids create avatars and have to get up and move to make the avatar move through the obstacles.
  • This App is FREE



Eat & Move-O-Matic

  • Kids learn about the relationship between what they eat, and how it fuels their body when they exercise.
  • This App is FREE

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