Ways to Get Kids to Drink More Water

Glasses of infused water with fresh strawberries, lime, cucumber and mint leaves, lemon and orange. Focus on the orange slice on the glass

There are so many drink options available in grocery stores today. Many of them showcase fun colors and designs as well as princesses and superheroes from favorite movies and television shows. When so many attention-grabbing options exist, it is hard to encourage children to choose water over everything else, but drinking water throughout the day is necessary to keep them hydrated and nourished. Some tips for making water a fun choice and encouraging your child to drink it more often are outlined below.

One: Add Some Color and Flavor
If it’s fruity drinks that your little ones are normally drawn to, then make water a fruity drink. Some bottles are made with a center insert piece that can be filled with fruit to give water a slight flavor, and using frozen fruit as ice cubes or inside of ice cubes to cool their drink down can infuse the liquid with a little taste and some bright colors too. Just because it is water doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Give it life with some fruits. Some examples of good water-flavoring fruits are lemons and limes, berries, and even cucumbers.

Two: Put Your Stamp on It
The fun designs of some juice boxes and drinks are what capture children’s attention. Combat that obstacle to drinking more water by buying your little ones some fun reusable water bottles with their favorite characters, sports icons, or even their initials or name on the exterior. Give them something to be proud to take to school with them, keep the bottle in the car for when you pick them up from school or have it and a back up ready for after-school activities. If cups and straws are more in line with your household, then find fun cups and straws to make drinking water fun too.

Three: They’re Watching You
Another way to encourage your child to drink more water is to do so yourself. Kids follow the examples of the people around them, and if you choose water at mealtime or make it a priority to keep a water bottle with you and drink it in front of them, they are likely to follow suit. By choosing water over other drink options at the grocery store and when out to eat at a restaurant, you are saving yourself roughly 200 calories and some money. You’re also setting a really great example for the little people around you who are watching every move you make.

Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring, but it must be done. The body loses water through sweat, digestion, and even breathing. To keep the body nourished and hydrated, we must continuously refill the tank by drinking copious amounts of water and eating fruits and vegetables that contain more water than other solid foods. Drinking water and eating healthy fruits and veggies go hand-in-hand, and your little ones can make better choices when parents are able to make those choices fun and lead by example.