Wintertime Crafts for Kids

Are your kids getting bored while they’re stuck indoors for the colder months? Keep little hands busy this season by creating fun winter-inspired crafts! Here are 3 easy crafts you can make with supplies you most likely have at home!

Plastic Plate Snow Globe

This is a flat version of a classic snow globe, but it’s just as entertaining! You’ll need two clear plastic plates, two large sheets of paper, colored paper, paper confetti and glitter. Create the “scene” you want to be inside the snowglobe out of colored paper. You can make it one or two-sided. For example, you can cut out red paper to make a cardinal bird, or white to make a snowman. Be as creative as you want! When you’re done, glue it on the inside surface of one of the clear plastic plates. Then, place the confetti and glitter on top (not glued). To close up the snowglobe, tape the second plastic plate face-side-down around the edges of the plate with the scene. Make sure the tape is secure so none of the confetti gets out! Next, cut a circle out of two large pieces of paper that is slightly smaller than the plates. Then, place the paper around the “snowglobe” so that either side comes out of the circle. Glue the pieces of paper to each other and let sit until it dries. It will make a frame for your snowglobe. Then, shake and enjoy the glitter and confetti falling as “snow” in your hand-made snow globe! 

Birdseed ornaments

Homemade birdseed ornaments are fun to make, and if you put them near a window they create hours of entertainment to watch as birds sample the delicious snacks you’ve made for them! You just need a few supplies: 2.5 cups Birdseed, 2 unflavored gelatin packets, 2 tablespoons corn syrup, cookie cutters, a pan lined with parchment paper, drinking straws, and twine. First, make the gelatin following the directions on the pack. Then pour in the corn syrup and mix together with the gelatin. Mix in the birdseed until thoroughly coated with the mixture.  Then pour the mixture out onto a pan lined with parchment paper, and use the cookie cutters to create shapes. In each of the cookie cutter shapes, use a short piece of a straw to make a hole for the twine. Set the pan in the refrigerator to set. These stay together best when the weather outside is chilly, so tie them to trees and bushes when it’s coldest out to give birds a nice treat! 

Winter Hat Scratch Art

Even if the weather is dreary outside, we can always brighten things up with colorful winter accessories! Design your own vibrant winter hat with this scratch art project! You’ll need sturdy white paper, oil pastels, black acrylic paint, toothpicks, and pom poms. First, cut out the white paper into the shape of a comfy winter knit hat. Then, color the whole thing in with swirls of the oil pastels. Once  you’re happy with all the bright colors, paint over it entirely with the black acrylic paint. Don’t worry, you haven’t ruined it! Once the acrylic paint dries, use toothpicks to scrape designs into the black surface. The bright colors of the oil pastels will shine through! Use the pom poms to put a ball at the tip of each hat. You can make as many as you want to experiment with all sorts of color combos and designs!