4 Ways to Take Part In Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is all about the brain and bringing awareness to the research being done on irregularities within the brain. See the tips outlined below for ideas on how to take part in Brain Injury Awareness Month within your community and friend groups.


The first thing is to educate yourself. It won’t be possible to tell others about brain injuries without first having an understanding of them for yourself. Do a little brain research of your own by visiting websites like the Brain Injury Association of America or the Brain  Injury Association of Canada.


One avenue to utilize for spreading your newfound information is social media. This platform is free and can reach across oceans and out into the world if it gains momentum. Put some facts and figures out there and let people know that March is set aside to highlight brain injuries and bring awareness to them. Encourage your friends to like, comment, and share your posts to get an even greater reach into the community around you.


Once you know a little something and have encouraged others to read and interact with your new information, put some of your efforts into fundraising and donating to brain injury associations. Keep it local by hosting a bake sale or a car wash or spread out your reach by starting a fundraising page on popular platforms like GoFundMe or something like First Giving. Donate the proceeds you earn to a cause that is close to your heart.


If fundraising is not in your wheelhouse, consider volunteering or helping a local family who was impacted in some way by a brain injury. Share your spare time with organizations or health care agencies that serve people with traumatic brain injuries, or use these places to help you find a family who would be open to some extra help.


Starting small by sharing information with people close to you is sometimes the best way to make a huge impact on long-term change. Even though it feels like your efforts couldn’t possibly be making a difference, they can be. If it is only one person who benefits, then the work you put into it is still worth it.