Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Mediation

If you already set aside 20 minutes of your day to meditation, you are well on your way to better health and the rest of us should catch up! Meditation has been proven to have multiple health benefits.

  • Reduces Stress – Studies have shown that meditation helps you control your emotions better and feel less stressed. It has also been shown to actually decrease the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Slows Aging – While meditation won’t keep you young forever, studies have shown that it does increase the grey matter in your brain, which causes the brain to age at a slower rate.
  • Increases Concentration – One of meditation’s main goals is to intensely focus, so it’s not entirely surprising it increases your ability to concentrate. One study found that students who practiced meditation for a couple of weeks improved their scores on the verbal reasoning section of the GRE.
  • Improves Sleep – Since meditation helps you keep a better control on your emotion and mood, it might also help you get to sleep faster and when you’re well rested, you are better able to handle stress. It’s a beautiful circle.
  • Helps Fight Addiction – Meditation helps develop your self-control, so it’s no wonder it’s been shown to help people battling addictions.
  • Helps Physical Health – One study found that meditation lowers the blood pressure of several patients whose blood pressure could not be controlled with medication. It’s also been shown to boost the immune system. People who practice meditation have fewer sick days than those who don’t.

The many benefits of meditation are actually quite fascinating. I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to learn more! Here are resources I found interesting.

Maybe you’re a newbie like me and need some help implementing meditation in your everyday life. This site has some great tips:

With all the proven benefits to meditation, there’s no reason not to give it a try! So find a peaceful spot and happy meditating!