Brain Awareness Week

The human brain is capable of thinking and imagining wonderful things, but sometimes the brain gets out of sorts, resulting in serious issues like brain diseases and disorders. While most of us go about our daily routines – work, kids, groceries, gym, there are researchers working every day to provide a better quality of life for individuals impacted by brain disease and disorder. ┬áBrain Awareness Week (BAW) was developed in 1996 as a way to show the world that is stuck in daily routine just what these researchers are finding and discovering and the importance of the work that they are doing.


Partners of BAW include educational institutions, hospitals, and medical research facilities, professional organizations, government entities, corporations, and many more. These partners show their support in a variety of ways. Some organize events like lectures, brain fairs, classroom workshops, and community displays at malls and other public places. Basically, the sky is the limit for Brain Awareness Week activities. To search for events happening near you, visit the website here and search for your local area.


Partners also make it their mission to increase the awareness of the brain and the research being done on the brain. The BAW website provides resources that help with this portion of partnership, and the resources also help the partners to infiltrate their communities in fun and engaging ways. In addition to the print materials, social media and blog platforms art great avenues for engaging a younger audience with information about the brain.


Whether an official partner or not, it is still encouraged to use your own voice to spread the news of the brain and Brain Awareness Week during March 11 – 17. Be creative and use resources like the Brain Awareness Week website to come up with an exciting and informative way to use your own voice as a vessel to communicate the ways of the brain and its researchers to the world around you.