Coping with a Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

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It is important to notice markings on our skin like moles and perform self-checks regularly in addition to making annual appointments with a dermatologist for professional skin screenings. Taking these preventative measures ensures that should a skin cancer develop we are able to catch it quickly, treat it, and move on with our daily lives. But, a skin cancer diagnosis and treatment options can cause some mental distress and physical signs that make the situation difficult to deal with.

A cancer diagnosis, whether it is skin, lung, liver, or anything else, is something that can shake a person down to their very core. A variety of emotions and thoughts stream through the mind when that sort of news is delivered, and it is normal and expected that the diagnosis can cause great mental stress. From anger and depression to feelings of numbness, a skin cancer diagnosis is something to spend some time sorting through mentally. Process those feelings and talk to someone about them. Talk to family and friends and even a professional if you need some unbiased thoughts and opinions. Do not let the diagnosis define you or push you into a dark hole.

While sorting through emotions and trying to maintain spirits, treatment for the diagnosis will begin. Oftentimes, skin cancers are in places that can be easily seen, so any scarring from treatment shows. Having a visible reminder of a less than pleasant experience can be hard to deal with, and scarring can cause some issues with self-esteem. Doctors will sometimes recommend that a plastic surgeon remove skin cancers to help with any scarring possibilities, and they will certainly give you tips and tricks for diminishing any signs of a scar. Follow the steps they give you, talk to others who are being treated for the same thing and talk to people. Taking the time to let your feelings out by talking to a loved one or professional will help to get those negative feelings out of your head.

Another facet of skin cancer diagnosis and treatment is the monetary obligation. As with many healthcare procedures, the total amount due can climb too much higher numbers than you may first expect. A high price tag can cause anxiety and stress on top of everything else that is going on in the process. Be frank with the healthcare team assigned to help you. There are often payment plans and options in place for such situations when the price tag is higher than anticipated. Take care of your health first.

From self-esteem and anxiety to depression and shock, a skin cancer diagnosis is a tough pill to swallow. Allow yourself time to process the news and deal with your emotions by talking to others about what you are going through. Reach out to family and friends, a professional, or a support group of others going through the same experience as you are for the support you need. Also, take some time to knock out the stress and worry. Dive into an existing hobby or pick up a new one like gardening or painting. Another way to say no to stress is to say yes to exercise. Try yoga for some serious relaxation or cycling and running to zone out on your own. Just take the time you need to process what is happening and overcome the fear and worry.