Coping With Workplace Stress

You return to the office after several great days celebrating with family and friends. Maybe you caught up on some ZZZ’s, ate a little too much, and had a relaxing holiday, but now the reality of being back in the office is setting in. Deadlines, projects, and meetings seem to be adding up and you’re left feeling less relaxed and more overwhelmed. Instead of stress eating or pulling out your hair, here’s a few ways to cope with stress in the workplace…

Plan Your Time & Prioritize
Trying to tackle your inbox first thing after you return to work can be a little daunting. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, prioritize the emails and projects that need immediate attention with those that can wait until a little later in the day, by creating a to do list. Ranking your projects by what’s the most important or by due date organizes your assignments and makes it a little easier to manage your time. As an added bonus, a to do list shows you what you’ve accomplished while you work. Checking off individual projects and assignments can give a sense of accomplishment, so you may see an increase in productivity!

Break It Down
Large projects or a full to do list can feel easier to tackle by creating a plan of action. Create a step-by-step list of how you are going to tackle the assignment, in many cases knowing where to start is half the battle. By breaking the large project into smaller tasks it becomes more manageable and less overwhelming.

Split the work
If you’re a part of a team delegate some of the work. Maybe numbers aren’t your strong suit, but your teammate lives to crunch numbers, you may be doing each other a favor  (not to mention doing better work) by working together and splitting the responsibilities. By delegating different pieces to your teammates, it’s easier to get more accomplished in a timely manner.

Take Your Lunch Break For You
It may feel more productive to have a “working lunch” or to work through your lunch break, but you really need to take some time for yourself. The truth is skipping a lunch break can increase stress levels and zap your energy, which in turn, slows productivity. Taking several minutes to eat away from the office, read a book, or take a walk can boost your energy and productivity levels.

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