February is Psychology Month


Each calendar year, many celebrations adorn the calendar, starting with New Year’s Day and ending with New Year’s Eve, but the month of February is home to more than the well-known Valentine’s Day. During this month, Canada is celebrating Psychology Month in an effort to spread the word about what psychology is and the role that it plays in our everyday lives.

The definition of psychology, according to Merriam-Webster, is the science of mind and behavior. The definition carries on to explain psychology as the study of mind and behavior in relation to a particular field of knowledge or activity.

Many secondary learning institutions require an elementary psychology or sociology class for enrollees during their first year, but most of us have little learning past that on the subject of psychology with the exception of those individuals who choose this form of study as their career path.

So, what does a psychologist do? The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) says a psychologist studies how we think, feel and behave from a scientific viewpoint and applies this knowledge to help people understand, explain and change their behavior.

In other words, a psychologist uses research and science to help people. Whether struggling with depression, seeking a marriage counselor, or wanting guidance in the workplace, a psychologist uses their scientific research and knowledge to counsel patients on how to tackle sadness, communicate more effectively, and streamline business processes.

For the month of February, the CPA is encouraging residents to learn more about the field of psychology and its ability to help communities flourish, workplaces operate more effectively, and individuals be happier and better communicators. It is also a time for the Canadian Psychologist Association to shed light on the contributions that have been made by the organization over time. Awareness and education is the goal of the CPA.

One of the best ways to spread the word is to share your story. If you have a tale of how a psychologist helped you through a tough situation or made things better for you or someone you know, share that story verbally and publicly through social media. Follow the CPA on Twitter or Facebook to continue learning about this area of study and its contributions and use this as a platform to tell your story for others to see and be inspired by using #PsychologyMonth to tag it.