Free Counseling, Financial Guidance, and More for Nutrien Employees

In these Wellness Hub articles, we often give advice that urges you to seek out the help of professionals, such as therapists for mental health assistance and financial experts for help with your budgeting. But did you know that Nutrien has a virtual hub where you can find this kind of assistance, for free? Read on for more information on this vital program for Nutrien employees. 

EFAP: Assistance for all of life’s challenges

Nutrien believes in supporting our employees through all of life’s ups and downs. EFAP stands for “Employee Family Assistance Program.” This program can be used as a resource for mental health concerns, financial worries, and any type of stress or hardship you or a family member might be facing. Nutrien has partnered with ComPsych® GuidanceResources, an online network with a variety of highly-trained experts ready to assist you. Using the Nutrien WebID listed in the resource document at the link at the bottom of this article, you have access to this network at your fingertips. There’s even an app! 

Here are some instances you may want to use this network:

  • Confidential Emotional Support
  • Work-Life Solutions
  • Legal Guidance
  • Financial Resources
  • Online Support
  • Wellness Tools

Support for the whole family, for free!

The EFAP support isn’t just for individuals who are employees of Nutrien. We care about your whole family! Dependents and family members in your household can use this resource, too! Your family has access to the same experts and counseling that you do!

Confidential counseling, just for you

All services provided by ComPsych Guidance Resources are 100% confidential. We think it’s important that our employees are supported in an environment where they feel completely safe to share what they are going through.  No information about your participation is provided to your employer. 

Want to get started?

It’s never been more important to manage stress and mental health for you and your family. You can start using this resource to find someone to talk to today. ComPsych Guidance Resources are ready to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you have to do is call their toll-free number, go online to, or download GuidanceResources Now App. You will be asked for the Web ID for Nutrien employees, which can be found on the pdf at the link below. If calling, you will speak to a counsellor who will ask a few questions to get to know you and what you are facing. They will then refer you to a counsellor that can help. You’ll then set up an appointment to speak with this counsellor over the phone or at an in-person appointment. 

One Note: The Employee Assistance Program provided by Nutrien and ComPsych Guidance Resources are meant to provide short-term services with local counsellors for specific dilemmas you are facing. If an issue is determined to need a long-term therapy solution, you will be referred to a specialist. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out and take advantage of this program if you are needing support. Download this informational PDF to see all of the benefits you can get from Nutrien’s EFAP – absolutely free! 

CP Guidance Resources Brochure: What is EFAP