Home Care Month: How Home Care Can Improve Mental Health

November is Home Care Month. During this time, it is a good idea to remember just how much home care can improve mental health. It is an excellent and effective way to provide support to loved ones who are going through mental and emotional challenges in their sunset years.

Across the United States, there are nearly 7 million adults ages 65 and older dealing with depression. That means nearly 15% of all seniors are grappling with it. Humans thrive on connections and relationships. Unfortunately for many seniors, these are two things which few of them have, especially the older they get. Being alone, especially in your later years, can become emotionally devastating.

An effective and helpful solution to this issue is home care. By arranging for the home care support of an aging loved one, you help them get out of the state of depression they are in, helping them recover their energy and joy.

Benefits of Home Care

There are several benefits to home care. The biggest one being that an adult in their later years who was alone for most of the time will no longer be by themselves. They will have that human connection they were lacking. They will be able to talk freely and comfortably with a home care provider who will be there to assist them in whatever way they need.

Companionship is Key

Companionship is key to getting out of depression. It can become a downward spiral for seniors living alone. This is why a home care provider is an integral part of the process of getting them out of the depths of depression, even a short conversation can make their day and keep them in higher spirits until the next day when the home care provider returns.

Assistance With Mobility and Errands

Another issue for seniors with depression that exacerbates the condition is being unable to physically do things. They also have difficulty remembering things that they feel they should know because of how simple they seem.

A home care provider can help with errands so that the adult in need has everything they require to live a functional life. A home care provider can also help with keeping their house clean and in order. By providing these supportive actions, the adult being cared for will feel a greater sense of freedom and ease.

Better Health

We are what we eat and seniors requiring home care are no different. They may have allowed their diet to fall by the wayside. They may no longer be giving themselves the nutritional content they need to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. A home care provider can ensure that the client is getting healthy and nutritious foods that are scientifically proven to increase physical and mental performance, as well as support a positive emotional state.

During Home Care Month, think about how beneficial a home care provider is, especially for seniors struggling with depression. It is one of the best ways you can help them.