How To Deal With Stress

Going back to school after a break is always hard. Your bed seems extra cozy, and you’d probably rather lay around watching TV or playing on your IPad. There always seems to be so much to do when you go back to school. Book reports, science fair, and homework can all add up and feel like too much or make you worry. This feeling is called stress, and there are ways to deal with it and feel better.

Eat a Balanced Diet
Eating healthy can help you to not get sick. Making good food choices helps your body fight off illness and feel better throughout the day. When you eat good, you feel good!

Get Plenty of Rest
Getting the right amount of sleep is important for kids because you’re still growing! Your body needs time to rest and recover from the day. When you get plenty of sleep you are better able focus and problem-solve in school!

Talk to A Trusted Adult
Sometimes there is so much going on you just need someone to talk to, or maybe even just listen to what you have to say. Talking to or spending time with a trusted adult can be helpful and comforting. Need help thinking of someone? You could talk to Mom, Dad, your grandparents, a favorite teacher, or even your school guidance counselor.

Get Some Exercise
Taking time to get some exercise helps kids to feel less stressed. Playing outside, riding your bike, or playing basketball are all great examples of good exercise. Sometimes you may be exercising and not even know it because you’re having too much fun!

Do Something Fun
Sometimes when you’ve had a busy day at school you just want to do something fun. A good way to reduce stress is to do something quiet or calming like reading, drawing, or painting. Some kids like to listen to music or put puzzles together. It’s nice to know there are fun and easy ways to deal with stress.

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