Keeping Stress Levels Low During the Holidays

The season of presents, celebrations, feasts, and family is upon us. While the holiday season is a joyous time for most, it’s inevitable that the extra pressure to buy the best gift or cook the most delicious dinner adds extra stress to one’s life. To help keep your stress levels low and the holiday season fun and festive for all, try following these tips.


  1. Simplify Your Life

Before you know it, the holidays creep up on you and leave you scrambling to try and purchase presents for everyone on our list, get your house nice and tidy for incoming guests, and plan and prepare a holiday feast. To alleviate some of the stress associated with prepping for the holidays try to simplify your to-do list. This could mean purchasing your gifts online and shipping them directly to the recipient. This way you don’t have to worry about getting the items to your house, wrapping them, and shipping them out again. The beauty of online shopping is that it can simplify your life and allow you to stay home and relax instead of fighting crowds at the store. Have relatives from all over flocking to your home this holiday season? Instead of painstakingly cleaning every nook and cranny of your home yourself, try hiring a cleaning company. The cost will almost always be worth it because you gain back valuable time that can be spent on a variety of other tasks. Finally, if you’re in charge of cooking a holiday dinner for friends or family, try to simplify your life by buying something premade. Anything from your main course to the side dishes can be bought premade nowadays, so don’t stress about getting Grandma’s mashed potato recipe perfect. It’s perfectly fine to buy something premade at the store.


  1. Remember Yourself

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself. The holidays tend to be a time when people stray away from their daily routines and doing so can add extra stress to your life that is unnecessary. While getting ready for your holiday celebration, remember to try and stay as consistent as possible with your exercise, diet, and sleep routine. People stick to routines for a reason, the structure allows us to feel safe and secure in our daily happenings. So, even though you have some extra to-dos piling up this holiday season, try your best to keep your routine somewhat the same. Another way to take some time for yourself is to get outside. Fresh air does wonders for the mind and is all it takes to relieve some of that extra holiday stress you’re feeling. Take a walk around the neighborhood or take your dog to the park, whatever it is, getting outside can help to alleviate your stress.


  1. Know When to Say No

The holidays have a tendency to be a time when people are gathering together and groups of people who tend to not see each other all that often are spending extended periods of time together. However, this can mean multiple people asking you for things along the way. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out this holiday season, learning to say no can be your best weapon. Maybe that means saying no to Carol at the office when she asks for you to make something for the holiday party or maybe it’s telling your aunt that you just don’t have time to bake a pie for the family dinner. Learning to say no when you’re already feeling overwhelmed is a great way to further unload your burden of stress.


With these tips, hopefully you can feel the holiday stress already melting away. It’s extremely important during the holidays that we try and simplify our life as much as possible, remember to take care of ourselves, and know when to say no. Doing so can do wonders for your mental state and can ensure that the holidays remain a celebratory time for all.