Proven Stress Relief Exercises for Hard Days

We all have hard days where we feel overwhelmed. To help, here is a collection of simple, proven stress relief exercises to help you keep going.

At Home

Meditate for 10 minutes. Simple meditation doesn’t take long at all and can help you control stress, improve relaxation and decrease anxiety. It probably not the first time you’ve heard it, but following these simple instructions will make it seem less intimidating. Whether sitting or standing, close your eyes and simply focus on your breath. Think about the act of filling and depleting your lungs with air and try not to let your attention stray. That’s it! After ten minutes, you’re done and you should feel calmer and more at peace.


Eat Some Dark Chocolate. Dark chocolate has been proven to reduce stress, thanks to the impossible to pronounce ingredient- glucocorticoid. 


Get 8-10 hours of sleep. While it might be a struggle to get everything done with 8 hours left to sleep, this is one of the most pivotal ways you can reduce your stress and better cope with difficulties. 


Go on a walk. Leave the house and go on a quick, 10-minute walk. Try to focus on being present while you’re walking and not thinking about the stressful situation for a while. For added fun, take your dog with you!

When You Have More Time

Take a Hike. Going on an extended hike has many benefits for you. The exposure to nature is calming, the physical activity helps stimulate your brain, and the removal of the stressful environment can give you time to recuperate.  


Volunteer for a Nonprofit. Volunteering is a great way to deal with stress while also providing a much-needed service for a nonprofit. It can help take you out of your current situation and help balance your fears by helping someone with their problems. It can also help you fight feelings of being powerless since you are doing such an important thing for someone else. 


Visit A Library or Museum. Take some time to visit your local library or museum. Like some of the other methods, this can help pull you out of the situation to gain some clarity and perspective. It can also provide you with a necessary distraction to get you out of your current mindsets.