Setting Boundaries to Keep Your Life Balanced

Got too much on your plate and feel stressed out often? You might need to consider setting some boundaries on your time! We are often asked to give a lot of our energy to both our work obligations and our family life, and it can feel like too much at times. Learning how to decline invitations or avoid taking on too many extra tasks will help you manage your overall stress in a healthy way. 

Be Honest About Your Time

Do you plan your day so tightly that a delay on your lunch hour could throw off an entire afternoon’s worth of work? We’ve all been there! When you can, be generous with your time management. Plan for tasks to take slightly longer than you think. Since we often put pressure on ourselves, this will end up being a more realistic measure of what you can get done in any one day.

Say No, Even If It Disappoints

We hate to disappoint the people around us, especially friends and family. Often, this leads to saying yes to activities, events, favors, and obligations that leave us drained. 

The next time you’re asked to add something to your schedule, take a moment to consider: Is it something you’ll enjoy? Will it enrich your life in some way? Will you feel a sense of accomplishment for helping?

If you find that the request isn’t something that will help you feel fulfilled, it’s ok to say no! Be polite, but firm when declining. Show respect for yourself and your time, and others will do the same. 

Protect Your Free Time 

There’s lots of talk about Introverts vs. Extroverts, but one thing is true for everyone. We all need free time! Even if you only get just one night a week or month with no obligations, avoid saying yes to any favor or request for that time. Your mental health is just as important as attending any event, volunteer task, or work obligation!