Summer Travel Can Boost Mental Health

Summer Travel for Mental Wellness

School for youngsters is coming to an end, and summer break is right around the corner. Thoughts of hiring a babysitter, paying for summer camps, or planning family vacations during summer break are filling the heads of parents everywhere, and young professionals without kids are dreaming of the not-so-far-gone days of having a summer break themselves. Whether planning for your own little ones or just feeling some nostalgia, a summer vacation may be just what you need to boost your own mental health.

One of the best things about traveling is the happiness experienced before and during the trip itself. With an uplifted and excited mood, vacations are planned and enjoyed, and it is good for the body and mind to be filled with positive feelings. Studies have proved that people are happiest when they have a vacation planned. In fact, individuals show more excitement over a booked trip than a planned purchase. How about that? Money can buy you happiness in the form of a trip, according to the experts.

Traveling is also a great way to relieve stress and free the mind of worry and angst. When you’re at home you stress over work, cleaning the house, cooking meals, taking care of children, and many more daily pieces of life, but when you’re on vacation you are free from these daily tasks and worries and more at peace. You can enjoy each and every moment of the day and survive on a plan or no plan at all as you take time to be with your family or friends and recuperate. You’ll more likely than not return home with a clearer head and stronger work ethic than you had when you left because you’ll be recharged.

Traveling also evokes a new, creative perspective. Experiencing a new place or new culture falls outside of an individual’s comfort zone and opens the eyes to new things and different ways that the world around us work. During travel, depending on where you go, you have the opportunity to hear new languages, try different foods, and witness customs and culture of other people. Seeing and living amongst others shows different ways of doing things and thinking about things that can then be taken home and implanted into your own daily life or workplace if you so choose. Opening your eyes to new things and gaining new perspectives is a way to keep the brain working and thinking, and applying the new knowledge back home and telling others of your experience will prolong the vacation and recollect your fond memories for days after the trip ends.

So, in addition to the fun that vacation already provides, the upcoming summer season and its travel capabilities hold happiness, relief from stress, and a new perspective. Not sure where to travel to, try out this quiz, pack those bags, and experience the world.