The Mental Health Benefits of Learning A New Skill

When was the last time you were a beginner at something? It might have felt a little awkward and possibly even embarrassing, but what you might not have known is that your brain was getting a major boost! Besides being able to show off a cool new skill, there are actually mental health benefits to learning! 

Build a stronger brain

Neurologists tell us that learning a new skill has a variety of effects on the physical structures of the brain itself. New information introduced to your mind connects new neural pathways, which makes your thinking quicker and more efficient. It also makes our brain matter denser, speeding up our thinking even more. This has even been shown to help the elderly avoid the effects of dementia and slow our cognitive aging. 

Beat Boredom

Our brains crave new and exciting information as we go about our daily lives. When we are stuck in a routine, we can start to experience mental health issues. Depression and anxiety can easily develop when we are bored. Beat boredom by starting a new hobby! With so many video tutorials and how-to guides for practically every hobby, you can get started today! 

Patience Pays Off!

The first few tries at a new skill might feel frustrating, but don’t give up! Stick with your learning and slowly you’ll see the payoff – a huge boost in confidence! Knowing that you can develop this new skill will make you feel like anything is possible!