The Underrated Mental Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

You might have heard “A clean house is a happy house”, but there’s some convincing research that it might be truer than you think!


Clutter In Your House Leads To Clutter In Your Mind

Research shows that a cluttered house can add on and magnify stress. Knowing you have things to clean, that you’re living in a messy house, and that there are things at the end of the day that still needs doing can really stack up. This can lead to restless sleep, a decrease in feelings of accomplishment, and a suppressed mood.

You Can Relax Better In A Clean House

Coming home from work, it’s much easier to relax at the end of the day when you have a clean home. Spring cleaning can dramatically improve this effect, even more than a simple cleaning job would do! By having a completely clean and tidied house, you can rest easy and really spend time unwinding without distractions!

Exercise Is Great for Mental Health

The physical exercise of Spring Cleaning is another great way that it can boost your mental health. Raising your heart rate has a proven connection to the overall health of your brain, and has the potential to dramatically help feelings of anxiety or depression. 

Having Dirt Around is Unhealthy (Especially Your Filters)

Having too much dirt around can start to interfere with your physical health, especially if your air filters haven’t been changed in a while. Depending on how sensitive your body is to the contaminants, this can have a wide range of effects on your sleeping habits, your breathing efficiency, and fatigue. 

Spring Cleaning might seem like any old chore, but you would be surprised by the mental health benefits it has on your life! So don’t forget to read the other article about Spring Cleaning and get started!