A Day in the Life Of: Nutrien Nurses Sheri Larsen & Michelle Thompson

Each month, we feature locations of our Nutrien facilities to spotlight members of the Nutrien Family. Since it’s Nurses’ month, we thought it would be fun to get to know two of Nutrien’s nurses that work diligently to keep us healthy on the job. We’ve connected with Sheri Larsen, the Occupational Health Specialist at our Carseland Nitrogen Operations, and Michelle Thompson, Occupational Health Nurse at the Nutrien facilities at Point Lisas, Trinidad. Read on to learn about the work these amazing health professionals do to keep our fellow Nutrien Team members operating at our healthiest selves. 

Even though their locations are in vastly different environments- the prairie of Canada and the tropical island of Trinidad and Tobago – the mission of Sheri and Michelle’s work is the same. They are tasked with managing the health of Nutrien team members on site, screening for health, monitoring safety conditions, and providing first-line emergency care to those on site, and other health related duties. 

We asked them to describe their daily routines, hobbies, and what they are passionate about at work and at home. Get to know these skilled healthcare workers and what a difference they make on the job site! 

Michelle Thompson, Occupational Health Nurse, Trinidad

Michelle Thompson has been a nurse for 31 years, and has been the Occupational Health Nurse at the Trinidad site for eight. Her job duties at the site range from traditional nursing such as giving care to injured patients, but she also enjoys elements of managing the safety of the workplace and overseeing employee wellbeing. 

Michelle is a morning person who sees the start of the day as the best time to get things done, and she uses the boost of energy for her wide range of tasks. “The mornings are the most robust and the ‘get-go’ start for me; which I prefer,” Michelle says,  “because I can channel my energy and plan for the day ahead.”  

Michelle begins her daily tasks each morning with employee follow ups, administrative reviews, and scheduling appointments, visits, and calls throughout the day. Throughout her busy daily schedule, she also performs necessary screenings for workers on certain tasks, and will act immediately when anyone on site is in need of medical attention. At times she also performs equipment checks to ensure the site is operating with full safety in mind. 

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and being in nature. When staying indoors, she reads and catches up with friends and family over Zoom, and spends time with her two teen children.

Michelle takes great pride in her work with Nutrien. Throughout the past year, there have been many health challenges faced by team members across the Nutrien family. Michelle rose to the challenges that Covid-19 posed to her team in Trinidad, remaining calm and level-headed. Michelle called the pandemic, “A truly unprecedented occurrence that caught us all unaware,” but is proud that, “ Everyone stepped ‘up and in’” to accomplish what needed to be done to keep us all healthy. 

Sheri Larsen, Occupational Health Specialist, Carseland

Our second Nutrien nurse we’d like to spotlight for Nurse’s month is Sheri Larsen, the Occupational Health Specialist at the Nutrien site in Carseland, Canada. She’s been in nursing for 28 years, having been an RN in a rural ER and acute care for 20 years before beginning at Carseland in 2007. Sheri oversees rigorous screening procedures for employees at the site to protect their wellbeing during the completion of their duties, and oversees long-term health and wellness plans to improve their health even outside of their work hours. 

As far as her daily routine goes, Sheri says that her commute, “has never been better!” She currently maintains a work-from-home schedule with a couple days a week in the office to complete periodic medical screenings and other patient oriented tasks, but her work reaches many despite the remote setup. Not only is Sheri tasked with overseeing the health of the workers on the Carseland site, but as an administrator for the Nutrien medical software, she is seen as an important resource by her fellow occupational health specialists on Nutrien sites around the world. 

Sheri’s true passion in her work is found in developing wellness programs for Nutrien employees. These programs go beyond administering first aid or maintaining a risk-free environment on the job site. Sheri believes that health includes, “mental, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional health,” and has worked hard to develop programs that address all of the needs of a person in order for them to live their healthiest life possible. She gives individuals the tools to take charge of their health, physically and mentally, in and out of work. We asked Sheri what her favorite part of her day was, which she answered, “The favorite part of my day is helping people, helping them solve a health related problem, seeing them overcome obstacles in their home or work life, seeing that I have made a difference in someone’s life and given them tools to improve their overall wellbeing.”

Beyond her valuable work at the Carseland site and her influence on the larger Nutrien network, Sheri is a wife and mother of 3, with a new grandbaby recently added to the family that she is, “Over the moon in love with!” Just as the Nutrien Family is focused on agriculture, so is hers – Sheri and her husband operate a beef cattle operation in southern Alberta, providing high-quality protein to their community. She gives back in other ways, as well, participating with the local Hospice board as a member. In her free time ( if you can believe she has any) she cross stitches, crochets, sews quilts, and enjoys a run or long walk in the fresh country air. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting two of Nutrien’s Occupational Health Nurses, as much as we enjoyed hearing about their daily lives, work, and family! Occupational Health Nurses are an important part of the Nutrien team, and we recognize the hard work they do to keep us healthy and safe!