Arborg in Manitoba, Canada has a Sweet Presence in the Community

The multi-cultural small town in central Manitoba of Arborg was originally settled by immigrants from Iceland in the late 1800s. The people who landed in Arborg came from various backgrounds and upbringings in search of a better life and became an agricultural community like many other small towns, and the Nutrien facility there loves taking part in the small community surrounding it.

From donating juice boxes to the pee wee hockey tournament or coffee at the cattle auction to providing warmup shirts to the high school basketball team when they went to the provincial championship for the first time in over two decades, Arborg’s Nutrien facility loves taking part in their community, and they find giving donations without being asked makes an even bigger impact on the people around them.

“Customers at our location know they can count on us. While that comment is not unique to Nutrien, it makes us feel like we’ve done well,” Tammy Paulson, Customer Service Representative at our Arborg, Manitoba office, said.

It gives employees of Nutrien pride to see the company logo being worn around town by farmers and non-farmers alike as they strive to provide great and friendly service while providing the area with almost everything they need to take crops from seed to harvest. But, Paulson says it isn’t just the fertilizer and bulk seed treating facility that keeps the customers coming back.

“Many people have commented that they love coming to the main office because of the well-stocked candy dish on the front counter,” she said. “A treat, no matter what your age, always makes the day better.”

By providing the area with essential supplies, community-minded donations, and tasty treats, the Arborg, Manitoba Nutrien facility is really sweetening the town and the people they help on a daily basis.