Augusta, GA

Augusta, GA  

 Augusta is the true peach of Georgia—and that’s saying something for the Peach State. It is a city with all the potential that Atlanta holds combined with the quaint splendor the likes of Savannah. But the best part, it is neither of these two, it is a gem all its own, and those that find themselves here know they’ve wandered on to something special.


Close to it All

There is endless to experience in Augusta. From exploring nearby lakes to catching an early evening Augusta GreenJackets baseball game, the city is ripe with opportunity. Plus, its right in the middle of it all. Augusta lies on the Georgia and South Carolina border, so it is no exaggeration to say that being able to sightsee a new state is only minutes away. On top of this, it is under 3 hours of driving to the Atlantic coast with unforgettable destinations such as Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA to satisfy anyone’s wanderlust.


Oh, did we mention The Masters?

There is this pretty popular golf event that happens here every year too. Ever heard of it? Of course you have, and for good reason! Arguably the most prestigious, and certainly most famous golf tournament in the world, is played here every spring. Pro golfers and golf fans travel the world over to see the majesty of Augusta National Golf Club—and to eat a pimento cheese sandwich or two. Augusta is a golfer’s nirvana whether you’re on the professional circuit or just as bad as the rest of us!

So, there you have it. There’s so much to do and so much to see in this southern city. Golf and watersport lovers, music junkies and everyone in between, are sure to find something unforgettable in Augusta, GA. Like the azalea flower in full bloom, this Georgian beauty is just waiting for you to discover!