Aurora, North Carolina

Aurora is a town in Beaufort County, North Carolina. Less than an hour from Greenville and located just south of the Pamlico River. The population is under 600 and the homes and businesses are known for their southern charm. Aurora is also the home of the Aurora Fossil Museum, which houses specimens collected from the local Phosphate Mine. Fossil fanatics come from around the world to visit Aurora and participate in the Annual Fossil Festival at the end of May.

Aurora was devastated when Hurricane Irene trekked through the eastern North Carolina in August 2011.  Many residences, commercial buildings and churches were heavily destroyed.  The rebuild was slow but steady.

The town sits astride NC Highway 33, an east-west route.  Richard Coffey, a former player with the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves and John Decatur Messick, the fifth president of East Carolina University are famous Aurorans.