Cory, Saskatchewan


Cory is a small municipality and a part of Saskatoon. With 800 residents living in Cory, most flock to Saskatoon for culture, events and food.  Saskatoon is a vibrant metropolitan area with a population of close to 300,000.  Home to the University of Saskatchewan, the college atmosphere is alive and well in Saskatoon! The area is recognized nationally as one of the top college towns for music lovers. Some of the biggest music acts like Ed Sheeran and Eric Church have played the SaskTel Centre, the area’s most popular place for music lovers. SaskTel Centre is also where many converge to witness great sporting events including Ice Hockey and Canadian Football!

Named after the berry of the same name, the city is known for its diverse culture and its eight river crossings that it the nicknames “Paris of the Prairies” and “Bridge City.”

The historic neighborhoods include Nutana and Riversdale have both seen a resurgence of late as significant reinvestment and redevelopment have moved into the area.