Creative Community in Joplin, MO!

Our Nutrien Family members at Joplin Phosphate are at a hub of creativity and culture! Not only are they central to major cities like Kansas City, Wichita, Oklahoma City, and Fayetteville, they’ve also got a great downtown to enjoy a night out and fun events celebrating the arts. 

Every September, several community organizations come together to host the Joplin Arts Fest, a weekend festival with creative vendors and performances from local artists. Most recently, Connect2Culture, one of the organizers of the festival has started sharing quarantine friendly art activities and entertainment that allows citizens of Joplin to support their local performers even from home. Artists are offering online gallery viewings, to-go pottery painting kits, online streaming of theater performances and more. 

Birthplace of Langston Hughes

Performers, artists and writers in Joplin are often inspired by one of their most famous residents. In 2016 the city dedicated a mural to the poet Langston Hughes, who was born in Joplin in 1902! He was the writer of the well known poem, “I, Too” and many other poems, plays and prose about Civil Rights and the African American experience. With the Joplin library system offering curbside pick-up during COVID-19 restrictions, maybe it’s the perfect time to catch up on his writings. 

Don’t Miss These Landmarks! 

If you get a chance to visit Joplin, there are some landmarks you don’t want to miss. To experience art outside, you can take a stroll through “Artist Alley,” an open-air gallery of legal graffiti art. For nature lovers, the Grand Falls is a must-see. History buffs and peanut lovers can learn more about the man who invented peanut butter (and over 300 other products) at the George Washington Carver House. We hope your visit to our Nutrien Family community is a lot more fun than the visit from Joplin’s most infamous tourists, Bonnie and Clyde themselves

We recognize the efforts of all our Nutrien partners in Joplin, Missouri during this time, and we are proud of the work you do! Thank you for helping us grow the world from the ground up at Joplin Phosphate!