Find Your Smile in Gladstone, Manitoba

One of the first sights you’ll see when you visit our Nutrien Family members in Gladstone, Manitoba, is a statue of their mascot, Happy Rock! This smiling character, built in 1972 after the town’s nickname, welcomes residents and visitors alike and serves as an information centre for the town. And there’s lots to share about this town of around 900! 

The area around Gladstone has had a variety of names in the past. One of the earliest was “Third Crossing,” after a nearby crossing of the Whitemud River. It was officially named Palestine in 1871 as a more robust settlement was built. Once the community was officially incorporated in 1882, it was named after the British Prime Minister at the time. Several buildings from the town’s early days are even still standing today! 

Gladstone’s community has a variety of fun events throughout the year where they connect and celebrate both their agricultural landscape and the arts. Though many are postponed because of social distancing, they are a tight-knit community who still strives to show each other they care.

A “Let No One Be Alone” Week will be being held virtually May 5-9, 2020. Nearby Plumas Senior Support Services and the Manitoba Association of Senior Centres will team up to show Gladstone and surrounding communities that they are cared for, at a distance. Residents of Gladstone even hosted a socially distant parade, the “Gladstone Lift Your Spirits Parade” to thank their front line workers and bring smiles to the community with their vehicles decked out in balloons.  These are all great ways to check in with your neighbors and bring smiles to the residents of the home of the “Happy Rock!” 

Our Nutrien Family members in Gladstone, Manitoba, bring smiles to all our faces as we think about how proud we are to have them as part of our worldwide community. Thank you for everything you do to help us grow the world from the ground up!