Fossil Fun in Aurora, North Carolina

Aurora, North Carolina is home to our Nutrien Family who runs the phosphate operations there. They oversee the extraction of this important element of the fertilizers that are key to our world’s food production in the Southeast of the United States. They’re also part of the thriving community of this fossil-loving town. 

During the course of the operations at the phosphate mining site, many fossils are found all year long. Aurora has an entire museum dedicated to these finds, and people come from all over to learn about the plants and animals of long by eras found right in their area.

 Each year in May, an annual festival celebrates these unique finds, too! Started in 1993, The Aurora Fossil Festival is well-known in paleontology circles but has something for the whole family with a variety of entertainment, food, and educational exhibits. Though the 2020 festival has been canceled, they are hopeful to bring back the crowds in May of 2021. 

The people of Aurora don’t just share their love of fossils with the world. In October 2019, two employee teams in a facility charity challenge decided to pool their winnings and donate to St. Jude’s Research Hospital. Once the amount was matched by Nutrien, a total of $10,000 was donated! We are so proud of our generous Nutrien Family members in Aurora, North Carolina, and look forward to more fossil discoveries in the phosphate mine there!