Getting to know Borger, Texas, USA

Our Nutrien Family members in Borger, Texas, US, have a great community spirit we’re all proud to have on our team! 

This town of approximately 13,000 residents is a giving community that volunteers to keep their city beautiful with litter cleanups and art projects. The city of Borger recently organized a project that had artists transform city dumpsters into painted works of art.  In their town square, you’ll also find statues of oil rigs decorated with each of the six flags that have flown over the city throughout its history.

A visit to the Hutchinson County Historical Museum, located in downtown, will tell you all about the story of this truly Texan town, which holds the nickname of BOOMTOWN! The museum tells about the history of the land and how the town was originally established.  Its namesake, A.P. (Ace) Borger discovered oil, or “black gold” in the fields nearby in 1926. Though it originally attracted a rough crowd, order was established in 1929 by the Texas Governor. Since, it has been honored with the All-America City Award by the National Civic League and continues to thrive. 

Residents and visitors enjoy several outdoor activities in the scenic country all around. Camping at nearby Lake Meredith is a favorite, where they can hike and horseback ride on scenic trails.  This man-made lake, created in 1965, is said to have the best walleye fishing in Texas, with several other species found by fishers throughout the year. Another fun new outdoor activity for residents of Borger – and their pets – is a brand new dog park that opened in November 2019! 

As the Borger community has been affected by coronavirus social distancing measures, one community member took a traditionally “inside” activity to the outdoors, too! The Borger High School Band Director has been spotted in neighborhoods all over town playing music for the students who have been distance-learning from home. Other teachers raise morale through social media posts addressed to their students on the Borger Independent School District Facebook page

We are so proud of our Nutrien Family members in Borger, Texas, and hope they keep their community close at heart even while they keep each other safe by social distancing. As we work together to grow the world from the ground up, we treasure communities like Borger, Texas!