Goddard, Kansas Is All About Community in Their Own Way

Community, as defined by Webster, is a unified body of individuals, and the 11 employees at the Goddard, Kansas Nutrien location are a community of their own. The site culture combined with everyone’s willingness to help one another uphold safety standards speaks to the family atmosphere found at their Warehouse.

From the time the four drivers and the Warehouse lead arrive on-site at 4:30 every morning, the Goddard team is centered on safety. They all rally to check each of the delivery trucks together and cross reference what is on the truck with their delivery sheets to make sure everything for delivery is onboard before heading out for the day. After helping one another go over every detail, the trucks head out to make deliveries to the 130-mile radius they service.

Aside from the teamwork mentality that helps make employees feel supported and cared for, Goddard staff likes to maintain a family atmosphere by stopping to spend time together. Good Friday before Easter Sunday is an example of one of the ways the team enjoyed Nutrien family time. They lit the grill at the warehouse and cooked a delicious lunch to sit down and enjoy together. The grill gets used for such occasions around six times each year, and they all enjoy the chance to sit with each other for some brats, fresh veggies, burgers, or anything else that can be cooked on an open flame.

From workday cookouts and holiday turkeys to teamwork that helps get ready for the day, Goddard’s Nutrien location is a community of their own. A unified body of people, who have been together for nearly three decades in some cases, working together to maintain safety and care for each other so that they can better serve the people who need them.