Greeley, Colorado

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Greeley, Colorado is named after a newspaperman who encouraged everyone to “Go West” and is considered one of the United States’ first planned communities. It was also one of the first successfully irrigated pieces of farmland and continues to be known for agriculture today with its ranking in the top 10 agricultural producing counties in the Nation.

In addition to growing crops and being known for agriculture, Greeley is home to over 103,000 people and offers a variety of entertainment options to its residents. Opportunities to get out and explore are available in the dozens of parks that encompass over 300 acres of land. One in particular that should be considered is the 155-acre Island Grove Regional Park, which serves as home base for a few area attractions like the Centennial Village Museum.

If interested in history, Greeley really is a great place to be. Immerse yourself into an early pioneer life at the Centennial Village Museum. There are a total of 35 historical buildings that span an 8-acre area of landscaped grounds, farm animals, and costumed interpreters that all work together to make visitors feel like they are in a different world of days gone by. There are other museums to check out in the area as well.

If you are more focused on living in the present, however, there are options for you too. Greeley is home to some of Colorado’s best breweries like the most recently spotlighted WeldWerks Brewing Co. that helped establish Greeley a national beer destination after making a name for itself at the Great American Beer Festival with specialty beers.

Other timely things to make sure to attend are the goings on in downtown Greeley. With events like First Friday: A Night of Art, Friday Fest, and OktoBREWfest, there is always something to take part in downtown.

With events, history, parks, and local brews to partake in, Greeley has changed its reputation from an agriculture-only community to a destination community. Whether you call Greeley home, or you’re just passing through, make sure you take the time to enjoy the things that Greeley has to offer to its residents and its visitors.