Grosse Isle, Manitoba

Our Nutrien family in Canada spans over a vast area of agricultural land and beautiful landscapes of the Canadian Prairie. One area we’d love to visit is the Interlakes region, which is home to Grosse Isle, where Nutrien facilities serve the local agricultural industry. This town is just northwest of Winnipeg, and is just the right size to bring together the people who live in the countryside bordering the larger city. 

Originally part of the territories of Indigenous nations such as the Métis, Anishinabek, and Oglala Sioux, the area has a long history of hunting parties in search of large grazing animals like bison and elk. The land was named Grosse Isle in the days of early French exploration of Canada by hunters. It means “Large Island” in English, but there are no bodies of water close by. What would lead them to name a landlocked area an island? Settlers in the area found out in 1852 when the region experienced major flooding. The hill that Grosse Isle is on was a safe refuge when the rest of the area was completely flooded out. Settlers remained there, keeping their structures safe from future flooding, and leaving lower-lying fields for agriculture. 

The historic structures of Grosse Isle remain a popular tourist destination for Canadians exploring outside of the city. It is the seasonal destination of the Prairie Dog Central Railway, and many history buffs travel via the historic coal-powered train every year. You can enjoy a scenic rail crossing through the Canadian countryside in a train car preserved from the 1920s, complete with gas lamps and oak paneling. You’ll even enjoy a luxury dinner once you reach your destination in Grosse Isle. We think that certainly beats a road trip! 

Other structures that bring the community together in Grosse Isle are the Community Hall and the Rec Club. You’ll see all sorts of events in these halls, like the Winter Carnival, weddings, and potlucks. Recently, the Rec Club received a generous grant from the Interlake Community Foundation to upgrade their A/V technology, so maybe we’ll even be able to join the Grosse Isle community for movie nights! 

We’re grateful for the work that goes on at our Grosse Isle Nutrien locations to support the farmers and agricultural workers in the area! Thank you for helping us grow the world from the ground up, in Manitoba, Canada!