Helping Habitat for Humanity in Loveland, Colorado

We love seeing how much the Nutrien family cares about their local communities! On a chilly day in early September, members of the Nutrien team from the Loveland, Colorado offices, pitched in to help their local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Organized by employee-led groups Women in Nutrien (WIN), Military Strong, Young Professionals Network, and Pride, 8 volunteers took the day to help hang drywall in Habitat for Humanity’s recent builds. Habitat’s goal is to build at least 6 homes every year, which go to families in need of stable shelter. With 118 volunteer days needed to complete each one, every pair of helping hands makes a big difference! 

About Loveland

Loveland, Colorado is not only home to hard-working volunteers and a strong Habitat for Humanity presence, but it also houses one of Nutrien’s Corporate offices.  Started as a farming town, it still has strong ties to the agricultural community even as it has become one of Northern Colorado’s biggest commercial hubs. Similar to many great Colorado towns, it has easy access to all kinds of snowsports. Its heavy snowfall and 1800-acre ski park makes it a favorite with skiers and snowboarders. 

Home of the Valentine Re-mailing Service

Because of its heartfelt name, Loveland became the home of the “Valentine’s Re-Mailing Service” in 1947. Started by the town’s postmasters of the time, Ted Thompson and Elmer Ivers, the program continues through the Loveland Chamber of Commerce. Each year, people can send their Valentines through the Loveland mail service to be given an “extra bit of love,” which includes a specially designed postal cancellation and a special verse. The verse is decided each year from submissions by residents. Community members can also donate to have the verse displayed in large format on wooden plaques through town, which are often incorporated into wedding proposals! With plenty of time to plan your Valentine’s day surprise for your loved ones for 2021, why not send them through Loveland, Colorado this year for that extra special touch?