Joffre, AB

The province of Alberta is often associated with oil and cattle, which leads to its perception of being a farming and cattle ranching area. The snow-peaked Rocky Mountains serve as a backdrop to add to the romance of the cold, chilly climate, and culture, and within the province lies a fun little place called Joffre.

Joffre is home to entities that provide hands-on experiences designed to reconnect residents and visitors with the natural beauty around them. The fairly new NOVA Chemicals Community Nature Trail, for example, covers an area of 5 km that include looped trails and picnic areas for families and groups to enjoy. The land is a true representation of natural growth in the area because of its untouched agricultural status.

Wildlife habitats, agriculture, industry, and recreation can all be seen working together in the NOVA Chemicals Community Nature Trail. Making a visit to witness the natural state of the land and its local wildlife is encouraged.

While observing wildlife in its natural habitat and admiring the plant growth of the Nature Trail in Joffre, schedule some additional time to visit the Ellis Bird Farm. The brother and sister duo of Charlie and Winnie Ellis ran their family farm after the deaths of their parents and started something they never could have dreamed would grow into their life’s work. Charlie was the instigator as the first one of the two to set out a nesting box for the Mountain Bluebirds. He and Winnie eventually spread around 300 nest boxes all across their land along with other houses for various birds and established a program for feeding winter birds that earned Charlie the widely known nickname of “Mr. Bluebird”.

The Ellis efforts live on today at the Ellis Bird Farm, and many programs are offered to engage young and old minds alike. The farm is currently closed for the season but will reopen in May of 2019.