Lanigan, Saskatchewan

Lanigan is a town in south-central Saskatchewan, Canada.  Lanigan is approximately 170 km north of Regina. The Steel industry changed Lanigan from a Hamlet to a thriving town.  As a divisional point between Yorkton and Saskatoon after the CPR steam locomotives took on coal and water from a huge tower storage with water coming 4 miles by pipeline from an endless flowing well.

The Lanigan Town Hall was built in 1909 and was considered quite the place as it housed the Dance Hall and Theater upstairs. The Town Hall also contained a morgue, jail, library, council chambers and fire hall.  Can you imagine all these services were located in the downstairs area.

Although small in size, the town of Lanigan has a Golf Course, Curling Rink, Sportsground, Tennis Courts, Campgrounds and even has a Lanigan recreation board. The pride of Lanigan is the 2.6 million dollar arena/Hall Recreation Complex.  The complex was opened in May 1999 and was made possible due to the dedication and generosity of the residents and businesses of Lanigan and surrounding communities.