Marseilles, Illinois

Whether living in or visiting the great state of Illinois, Marseilles should be on your list of places to visit. With so many outdoor activities, historical sites, and close proximity to downtown Chicago and city life, Marseilles seems to have something for everyone to enjoy and take part in during their time in the city and surrounding areas.

If the outdoor activities are what interest you, then join the 700,000 tourists who visit Marseilles each year to take advantage of its five campgrounds, State Park, and biggest attraction of all – the Illinois River. Boating, fishing, and enjoying the water and the activities available to you through water sports like skiing and tubing, happen in full abundance when visiting Marseilles and the Illinois River, and the campgrounds round out the outdoor experience with the chance to sleep outside and camp.

If you’d rather sleep indoors and enjoy a good learning opportunity, Marseilles can accommodate you too. As home to the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial, Marseilles is home to a Memorial that honors fallen soldiers by name. The Memorial is the first of its kind in the United States because it was made and stands at the same time the War that the fallen soldiers served in is happening.

Once you’ve enjoyed the great outdoors, visited the State Park, and take time at the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial, you might be ready to enjoy a little downtown life. Marseilles rests near Interstate 80 and about 90 miles from downtown Chicago. Its location provides an open road to take and gain entry into the big city nearby.

With its personal offerings and nearby amenities, Marseilles is a great place to visit for its outdoor and water sport activities as well as its patriotic Memorial, and the population of over 5,000 residents would likely agree that Marseille is a great place to call home.