Marseilles, Illinois

If you love the idea of visiting a big city for a day trip, but living in the scenic countryside, then Marseilles, Illinois is the perfect spot to live. The 29-person team at the Marseilles Nutrien site would agree! It’s just a short drive to Chicago, but with a community all its own. The residents of Marseilles have big hearts, and have definitely shown it this year! 

Even with the pandemic making connections with others difficult, the community of Marseilles didn’t let their bonds break. They kept up traditions in safe, socially distanced ways to bring a smile to their neighbors’ faces. All winter long and into this spring, announcements for community dinners are shared through social media, from a drive-through fish fry and a chili and soup take-out dinner that makes our mouths water! In 2020, Nutrien team members at Marseilles fed their community, as well, by donating over $28,000 to local food pantries. Their connections go beyond food, too. Nutrien team members are regularly seen volunteering across town, with some working with the local PADS shelters, and others serving in the volunteer fire department! 

When the weather warms up and melts that Midwest US snow, expect to see tourists flock to the area to enjoy the scenery Marseilles has to offer! Located along the banks of the Illinois river, Marseilles has many parks and hiking areas under beautiful tree cover. You can enjoy the Illini State Park,  a natural haven just outside of town with picnic tables, a view of the water, and plenty of wild areas to explore. To give back to these natural spaces, the Nutrien team in Marseilles have adopted a 1 ½ mile section of walking trail that connects to the nearest town and runs right in front of the site. They not only maintain the landscaping and keep it free of litter, but they’ve also donated a park bench that overlooks a nearby creek. 

If you are exploring Marseilles Illinois as a visitor, make sure to stop at their many museums celebrating the history of the area, such as the Seattle Sutton Museum and to take a moment at the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial. The residents of Marseilles remember their heritage and those lost in combat overseas. It is well-deserving of the moniker, “The City of Remembrance.” 

We know we’ll remember how interesting Marseilles is the next time we are able to visit! To the Nutrien Family members who are part of the Marseilles community, thank you for all the work you do to support your neighbors and local agriculture!