Northbrook, Illinois

Close but No Chicago

The village of Northbrook, Illinois sits nestled alongside beautiful Lake Michigan. At only 30 minutes away from Chicago, Northbrook gets the best of Chicagoan life minus the big city. In fact, the village has just over 30,000 residents—a far cry from the millions of inhabitants of its big brother!


Switching from Shermerville

Northbrook, as we call it now, is actually less than 100 years old. While the village was incorporated in 1901, it was once known by another name. A man named Frederick Schermer donated the land for the villages very first railroad, and so the village was named after him. However, Shermerville became Northbrook in 1923 in an effort to improve its reputation from that of a rowdy saloon town. The new name, and new-and improved reputation, have stuck to this day.



It’s not often that a town’s claim to fame happens to be its high school. Northbrook however, can claim just that. And, not just because of its high standards of education mind you, but because the classic flick Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was filmed at Northbrook’s Glenbrook North High School. Talk about a town that passes with flying colors!

Northridge Il

On the Lake. On the Ice.

Expect to be amazed by the variety of water sport options available on Lake Michigan. There is an absolute smorgasbord of options: from water boards and standup paddleboards to jet-skis and waterskies. Your summers on the water are limitless! Then, when winter rolls around, get ready for hockey hysteria and enough rinks to satisfy the most obsessive skaters and ice shredders.


Head Northbrook

Despite its change of name once upon a time, Northbrook is defined by its consistency and unwillingness to waver from its foundation of putting people first. There is a reason why thousands of individuals choose the commute over the city life—it’s because Northbrook, at its core, feels like home.