Nutrien Family – Carberry MB

A quick article about the “King Spud Country” of Manitoba Canada!

Originally formed as a result of a train station, Carberry Manitoba is everything you’d love to see in a rural Canadian town! With plenty to do, natural parks to explore, and culture to experience, you can never have enough of Carberry, and we’re happy our Nutrien Family there helps keep such a lively town thriving!

Founded in 1882, Carberry Manitoba was a farming community that was formed around a train station. But thanks to a major expansion to the Trans Canada Highway that ran directly through Carberry, the town began to expand and offer more services and business to the travelers who made use of the highway. Ever since the town has been growing steadily and creating a better and better community for all of its citizens.

Though it is still primarily an agricultural community, they don’t call it “King Spud Country” for nothing, there are many things to do in Carberry! With Spruce Woods Provincial Park just next door, you wouldn’t believe all the different ways you can enjoy the natural splendor around Carberry! Hiking, backpacking, camping, biking, and more are all available activities to enjoy the area. 

As a member of the agricultural community there, our Nutrien Family is a proud member of the Carberry business community. No matter the size of the town or city we’re apart of, we want to make sure we’re always proving the sustainable, positive impacts that set Nutrien apart! So thanks Carberry for helping us grow the world from the ground up!