Nutrien Family: Glenboro MB

At Nutrien, we’re proud of our family’s work to feed the world from the ground up, no matter where they are. Our employees in Glenboro Manitoba are a great example of how much we can grow when all of our locations are working together.

A little more about our Nutrien Family’s location. Glenboro, Manitoba is located at the intersections of Highway 2 and 5, which is a part of the Westman region of Manitoba. It might be a community of 656, but their dedication to Nutrien’s goals and mission makes them a perfect addition to our family. But Glenboro extends far beyond the people who center in the community the Nutrien plant is in. The Municipality of Glenboro-South Cypress is located on the eastern edge of the Westman regional boundary and extends as far west as #340 Highway and as far east as Highway #342.

What matters most is that our Nutrien family is all working towards the same mission and goals. No matter where our family is, Nutrien is committed to the principles of feeding the future by helping growers to increase food production in a sustainable manner. 

To learn more about this quaint town, you can visit the Glenboro location page on the Nutrien website or visit their official website at