Nutrien Family: Kennewick Nitrogen

Our Nutrien family in Kennewick Nitrogen has so many amazing attractions, see some of the best ones here! 

A Restored Carousel From 1910

The Gesa Carousel of Dreams was originally built in Michigan all the way back in 1910! Found years after it was dismantled, the carousel was painstakingly reconstructed in 2002. If ever you are in Kennewick and would like to see a masterfully carved carousel, it still currently runs!  

One of The Many Wineries!

Home to over 160 wineries in the area, Kennewick has phenomenal access to many of the best wineries in the states. Part of the advantage that Kennewick offers is a surprisingly moderate winter that helps provide wineries with a keen advantage over the years!

A Great Coliseum

The center of many exciting hockey games, the Toyota Center is one of the great community locations in Kennewick! With so many different activities hosted there, the Toyota Center is available for conventions, special events, trade shows, concerts, broadway shows, and more!

A Historic Downtown and Waterfront

First sentence. With stunning public art connecting the different waterfront views on Clover Island to specialty shops and galleries in historic downtown, Kennewick’s waterfront offers some of the best chances to experience the local charm!

Kennewick is also home to one of our Nutrien locations! We take pride in our commitment to the communities we are a part of and enjoy the unique perspectives offered by each and every one of our Nutrien Family. Together, we can help grow the world from the ground up and provide the world with the best help they can receive!