Nutrien Family – New Madrid Nitrogen

Read about our Nutrien Family in New Madrid, Missouri!

Located next to the Mississippi River in the heart of the United States, New Madrid is the perfect location for one of our Nitrogen plants. The town is an exciting and fun place for many reasons: there is a variety of rich historical locations, cultural centers, and community wellness in the thriving town.

Historically, New Madrid was one of the originally settled locations in Missouri, New Madrid County was one of just five counties formed in the state in 1812. It is well known for having one of the largest earthquakes in the United States, which was large enough to even be felt in Toronto!

With historical markers spread throughout the city, a dedicated museum, civil war battle sites, and more, you can easily get lost in all of the historical gravity of the town! Making your way through the historical walks and plaques across from local restaurants and cafes, there are so many different ways to explore and enjoy this community.

Our Nutrien Family in New Madrid is working hard to provide the southeastern United States with the products they need to support the agricultural heart of America. Thanks to our efforts here and across the United States and Canada, we work hard to help grow the world’s food.